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Good Neighbor Leaf Blowing Tips

Leaf blowers are versatile tools that can make quick work of garden cleanup. They also have the potential to be noisy to the point of disruption and stir up allergens like dust and dirt particles.  While many cities & towns limit both the decibel rating and time of day that use of a leaf blower is allowed, LHA would like to take a neighborly approach to minimizing the negative impacts of leaf blowers in our neighborhood. A couple of ideas for... Read More

New Homeowners in 2016

We welcome our newest members to Lakeshore Homes Association. Melanie & Jerome Atendido Amalia Greenberg & Daniel Brindis Peter & Margaret Prowitt Michael & Shannon Leggieri Steven & Danielle Swanson Aaron & Jenna Harris Kevin & Meredith Walsh Brandon Garibaldi & Theresa Mak Jason Sanders & Jessica Warner Aaron & Cynthia Stein Barbara Cook Robert & Janeth Garcia Brian & Katherine Niles Tu Tran Derek... Read More

OPD Voluntary Camera Registry Program

Many Oaklanders have chosen to install camera systems to protect their homes and neighborhoods. If you have a surveillance system, the Oakland Police Department (OPD) hopes you will register it on their Security Camera Registry at In the event of a nearby crime, OPD will be able to directly contact registrants and ask them to check their video footage, to help OPD solve crimes. Only law enforcement has access to information... Read More

LHA’s 100 Year Anniversary

Lakeshore Homes Association turns 100 this year! We are commemorating throughout 2017 and the big celebration is Saturday, October 7 taking place at Carlston Triangle. Planning is underway and we need your assistance. The Membership Committee is gathering ideas and would like support for set-up, food & drink, historical stories, audio/visual, entertainment and PR/creative. Are you a wine or beer maker, restauranteur, or play in a band? We’d... Read More

SeeClickFix Oakland

SeeClickFix Oakland is your portal to report to Public Works things needing fixed in Oakland. Street light on during midday, road sign blocked by vegetation, clogged storm drain, stop sign knocked down, street sign pointing the wrong way – this is the preferred means of contacting the City. They reply online so you can get a status of the issue. There is a mobile app also.  Read More