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Parking on Narrow Streets

On the narrow streets of LHA, parking is part luck, part skill. We have all sorts of challenges – street widths at 18’ or 24’, parking allowed on only one side of the street, Lakeshore employees and SF commuters that like our convenient location. As we head into this holiday season, wouldn’t it be nice for our guests to park near the party? Some suggestions to ease the parking crunch: Park in your garage or on your driveway. On the narrow... Read More

Dogs in Parks on Leash

Our parks are meant to be enjoyed by all members, with or without dogs. The leash rule in LHA parks has been relaxed in recent years, but should still be interpreted as “leashed or under voice control.” How consistent is your dog’s recall?  If your dog is less than 100%, please leash him/her as you walk through Oak Grove. Want to improve your dog’s recall? Try these training tips: Train in a low-distraction environment where you’re sure... Read More

Goodbye Peter and Jack!

We are saying goodbye and offering a big thank you to Jack Backus and Peter Turner as they leave the LHA Board of Directors at the end of the year. Jack, as chair of Neighborhood Preservation Committee and Vice President, focused on using his committee members’ varied expertise and awareness to help homeowners preserve, upgrade, remodel, repair their homes and property according to our governing documents balanced with today’s materials and designs. As... Read More

Free Items at Curb

A common phrase on Nextdoor, “free items at curb” has inspired me to rewrite a famous quote to read:  “One man’s treasure – left out at the curb within view of neighboring houses and possibly blocking the sidewalk for pedestrians – is another man’s trash.” While there is no disagreement about the worthy practice of recycling and sharing usable items with neighbors, the method of collection needs some refining. Neighbors within view... Read More

100th Anniversary Proclamation by City of Oakland

At our Annual Meeting November 9th, District 2 City Councilmember Abel Guillén presented the Association with a City of Oakland City Council Proclamation recognizing LHA’s 100th Anniversary. He read it aloud to the audience who smiled upon hearing of the Olmsteds as neighborhood plan designers and all the renowned architects who created our lovely homes decades ago, and they giggled at the sewing shears and marshmallows. Thank you, Councilmember... Read More