Important Safety Contact Numbers

As always, it may be wise to be observant when going to and from the business district and when leaving your home during the day. Oakland Police ask us to report suspicious activities, focusing on the behavior of the persons, e.g., cars with 3-4 people driving slowly up and down the street or persons soliciting without a permit. Please call OPD non-emergency 510-777-3333 regarding suspicious persons or activities.

For crimes in progress and other threatening or dangerous situations, please call 911 (from landline) or 510-777-3211 (from cell phone). Also, call OPD Emergency when you see people looking into car after car or looking into windows and otherwise trespassing on private property.

Report property crimes online. Property crimes that can be reported online are lost property, theft, vandalism, vehicle burglary, and vehicle tampering.


Utilize these Home Security Tips on this checklist to improve your home’s protection. A well-lit home is a deterrent to intruders as are an alarm and observant neighbors. Report incidents to OPD and to LHA.


LHA Neighbor Network (“LNN”) is Lakeshore Homes Association’s project of establishing an information network between all families in the association. The project, formerly “LHA CARES” (Community Action and Response), began in 1994 and is currently spearheaded by LHA’s Neighbor Network Committee and aided by concerned neighbors who want to make sure we are prepared for an emergency (e.g., earthquake, crime, fire). Getting to know our neighbors helps us dispense information and enhance our sense of community. For more information, read more here.


If you are interested in safety and security training for your block, including refresher training, contact the LHA office at 510-451-7160. Or visit the Neighborhood Watch website for more information and crime prevention tips.