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2021 Director Roles

At the January 20, 2021 meeting, the Board voted on positions each director will hold this year. They are: President – Casey Ramsey Treasurer – Miguel Drumond Secretary & Chair, Neighborhood Preservation – Brian O’Malley VP & Chair, Parks – Chris Metcalfe VP & Chair, Neighbor Network – Linda Heath  Read More

2021 LHA Directors elected

A quorum of valid ballot outer envelopes was achieved and the Election Meeting November 18, 2020 proceeded to count secret ballots. Our Board of Directors next year will be Miguel Drumond, Linda Heath, Chris Metcalfe, Brian O’Malley, and Casey Rasmey. They will vote on the position each will fill at the January 20, 2021 Board meeting. A director fills one role: President, Treasurer, Chair – Parks, Chair – Neighborhood Preservation,... Read More

Call for Candidates – 2021 Directors

Nominations for 2021 LHA directors are due September 1. Read about Elections and see the Call for Candidates form. The election is held in November. If you have questions, please email our Administrator at  Read More

Office closed for now

This Office is closed for social distancing until further notice. If you need to reach us, please email Administrator at or Finance Manager is at or leave a voice message at 510-451-7160. Meetings are virtual. Contact our Administrator for information on how to connect.  Read More

2020 LHA Board Roles decided

On January 22nd, the LHA Board had its initial meeting of 2020 and the first order of business was to decide the directors’ roles for the year. The LHA Board positions for 2020 are:Brian O’Malley, PresidentChris Metcalfe, Vice President and Parks ChairpersonLinda Heath, Vice President and Neighbor Network ChairpersonEddie Low, TreasurerJasmin Taylor, Secretary and Neighborhood Preservation Chairperson  Read More