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Home and Personal Safety Tips

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Safety Tips from the Oakland Police Department

Always conceal what you have that could be stolen, such as money or a cell phone. Cell phones are just like cash—when thieves see a cell phone they want it. To be safe, treat your cell phone like your cash: don’t let anyone know you have it.

Call the OPD non-emergency number, 510-777-3333, to report suspicious persons. The police want to hear from you, and you could prevent a crime. Provide as much information as possible, including the time you noticed the person, the clothing worn, the shoes worn, and the manner in which the person walked.

BART Stations

  • Be especially cautious around BART stations. Thieves tend to look for victims there.
  • Try not to walk alone at night near stations. Try to walk with people from the BART station to your car. Be aware of who is around you, and if someone looks suspicious, get away from him.
  • Avoid making cell phone calls while on BART or the bus. If you must make a call, go sit near the driver and stay there.

The Street

  • Be aware of who is around you. If someone looks suspicious or makes you feel uneasy, avoid that person. Go inside a store or business if necessary.
  • If you must make a call while you are walking, go to a safe, public place, like a store. Make your call, then conceal your phone the way you would conceal your cash before going back to the street.

Your Car

  • When leaving your car, lock it and close the windows. Take your key.
  • Don’t leave items inside the car, even if you think they look like trash—they’ll still look attractive to a thief.
  • When you get in the car, close and lock the doors immediately. Keep the doors locked and the windows rolled up.
  • If you must make a call while driving, pull over and keep an eye on who is near your car.

At Home

  • When you are exiting or unloading your car, when walking from your car to your home, or when spending time in your front yard, do these things:
    • Be cautious of anyone on the street who makes you feel uneasy.
    • If you view such a person and are in the front yard, quickly go inside and lock the doors. If you are in a car, stay in the car with locked doors and windows. Either use a cell phone to call someone to escort you inside, or drive away and come back later.
    • Never open your door to anyone you do not know.


  • Use ATMs in well lighted, populated areas. Store and bank ATMs during the day are best. Scan the area before using the ATM. If you see a person loitering in the area for no apparent reason, go to another location.
  • If you see something strange during your transaction, push cancel, take your card and leave the area.
  • After the transaction, be alert. You’ll have cash in hand making you a possible target. Scan the area. Leave immediately. If you suspect danger, promptly enter the nearest store or building.