What the Homeowner Needs to Know

Excerpts and highlights from LHA CC&R’s or Bylaws, expressed in lay terms. Refer to these documents for details and all other and additional rules.

Tree removal

Removing any kind of tree anywhere in the homeowner’s yard requires prior LHA approval if its trunk is greater than 12” at 4’ above ground. It may also require approval from the City of Oakland. For LHA’s policy and forms, visit this page. For Oakland’s policy and application, go here.


Anything that affects the exterior of your structures requires LHA’s prior written approval. Contact LHA’s office before you sign a contract or start construction.


A fence may not be over 4’ in height above finished grade anywhere it is past the front plane of the house. Six feet is max for back- and side-yard fences. Contact the Neighborhood Preservation Committee before you sign a contract or start construction. Additional rules apply. The City’s code is currently lower.

Pollarding Street Trees

Within LHA boundaries are some 400 sycamore trees lining our streets. LHA maintains 133; City of Oakland owns all of them. Every five – seven years these are all pollarded; starting in 2013, the City ceded responsibility for pollarding to LHA. Pollarding is an age-old pruning style used on certain trees. It’s a unique look, originally used to grow and harvest firewood or timber without killing the tree. In some cities it’s also done to street trees to contain the size of tree or let in more light. Without pollarding, these trees would grow to be much too large for their location. Once pollarded, a tree must be pollarded regularly; otherwise, new shoots become crowded, crooked, and weaker.

Garbage, Garden Waste, Recycling bins

These must be concealed or screened so as not to be visible from any street.

Exterior House Colors, Roofs, Solar Panels, and other items

LHA does not approve nor proscribe colors for our homes’ exteriors. Satellite dishes are not regulated by LHA. A change to the roofline requires LHA’s prior written approval as do solar panels.

Association facilities

LHA does not own nor operate a clubhouse, pool, or sport court.

Vehicles parked on street

The City of Oakland Municipal Code Section 10.28.030 allows vehicles to be parked on a street no more than 72 hours without moving.