Governing Documents

Property in Lakeshore Homes Association is deed restricted, governed by a Declaration of Restrictions (“CC&Rs”), Bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation. […]

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Our Town

Oakland is one of the most beautiful and diverse cities in the world. We are a cosmopolitan city with friendly, […]

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LHA E-Newsletters

Sign up for electronic communications. You authorize Lakeshore Homes Association (LHA) to communicate with you via electronic mail (email) in […]

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News & Events

At the January 18, 2023 meeting, the Board voted on positions each director will hold this year. They are:

President – Casey Ramsey

Treasurer – John Brewer

Secretary & Chair, Neighborhood Preservation – Jeff Schofield

VP & Chair, Parks – Chris Metcalfe

VP & Chair, Neighbor Network – James Breeden