Tree Removal

The Lakeshore Homes Association has, since its inception in 1917, had a Policy requiring homeowners get permission from LHA to remove or mutilate (remove more than 25% of canopy) any tree that measures 12” in diameter or greater at a height of 4’ above the ground.

One of the many attractive features of our neighborhood is the abundance of majestic trees that grace our properties. While there are legitimate reasons to remove trees, the goal of this Policy is to encourage the overall maintenance of desirable trees and to enhance the aesthetic quality of the neighborhood. Even given this long-standing policy, every year there are a few people who remove their trees without first coming before the Association. At times there are legitimate reasons for the trees to be removed. However, because the procedures are not followed, the Association is left with no recourse but to fine the property owner.

The Policy, in a nutshell, requires anyone wishing to remove a tree to:

      1. Apply to LHA (forms are available on-line or at the office).
      2. Pay a refundable planting fee of $100 per tree to LHA.
      3. Obtain a permit from the City of Oakland.
      4. Inform neighbors of your intentions to remove the trees.
      5. Submit the above information to the Neighborhood Preservation Committee that meets the first Wednesday of every month at the Association office.

Failure to comply with the Policy will result in a fine of at least $500 per tree depending on the stature of the tree. We are serious. Since 1999, we have collected $6000 in fines which fines go to replanting trees in our neighborhood. But we’d really rather have the desirable mature trees than the money. Thank you for complying with the CC&Rs of your Association. If you have any questions, please call the LHA office 510-451-7160.