November Ballot Local Funding Measures

Oakland voters will have at least 3 funding measures on the ballot in November. $600 million for the City, Alameda County’s $580 million for affordable housing, and Oakland Unified School District’s $120 annual parcel tax.

LHA is in contact with Abel Guillen, District 2 Council person, to learn about the benefits to our neighborhood. The three main bond projects are to improve city streets, create more affordable housing, and upgrade some facilities, such as fire/police facilities, parks and senior centers. $350 million of the bond is for street paving and reconstruction as well as bicycle / pedestrian improvements, including bikeways, sidewalks, paths, stairs, streetscape, curb ramps and traffic calming. A citizens oversight commission will monitor the Council’s project priorities and the measure’s implementation.

The annual cost to homeowners is approximately $82 per $100,000 of assessed value + $120. If one’s assessed value is $1 million, the annual cost estimate is $940.