2017 Election for LHA Directors

Election for 2017 Board of Directors

Five nominations were received by the September 15, 2016 deadline. The LHA Board is made up of five (5) directors and all 5 are elected for a one year term. Our governing documents say that the 5 candidates getting the most votes will be the new Board members. For this election cycle, there were 5 candidates, so all 5 will become directors for 2017.

Rules also allow that no secret ballots or election are necessary when the election is uncontested, i.e., no more candidates than there are seats. The Board has confirmed that we will not send out ballots this year, saving much expense and time.

The 2017 LHA Directors are Jack Backus, Chris Metcalfe, Marshall St. Clair, Liz Sterns and Peter Turner. Their term begins in January. These directors will announce the role that each will hold at the January Board meeting, such as Parks Chair or Vice President.