Free Items at Curb

A common phrase on Nextdoor, “free items at curb” has inspired me to rewrite a famous quote to read:  “One man’s treasure – left out at the curb within view of neighboring houses and possibly blocking the sidewalk for pedestrians – is another man’s trash.” While there is no disagreement about the worthy practice of recycling and sharing usable items with neighbors, the method of collection needs some refining. Neighbors within view of discarded items left at the curb, often for days at a time, are essentially looking at garbage. If you are offering free items on Nextdoor, the items should be kept in your garage or backyard, out of sight until they are picked up at an agreed upon date and time.

Additionally, a small reminder about trash bins: both LHA and the City of Oakland require that garbage bins not be placed at the curb until the night before pickup and be removed from view no later than noon the day after your collection.