Dogs in Parks on Leash

Our parks are meant to be enjoyed by all members, with or without dogs. The leash rule in LHA parks has been relaxed in recent years, but should still be interpreted as “leashed or under voice control.” How consistent is your dog’s recall?  If your dog is less than 100%, please leash him/her as you walk through Oak Grove.
Want to improve your dog’s recall? Try these training tips:

  1. Train in a low-distraction environment where you’re sure he’ll come or you can get him.
  2. Be consistent: use only one command or whistle for recall
  3. Never scold, even if they take forever. Train them to realize going to you is better than away from you.
  4. Use a long training lead: a leash of 20-30 feet gives your dog lots of room to explore and keeps you in control.
  5. Reward your dog with a treat & praise every time they come to you.