Parking on Narrow Streets

On the narrow streets of LHA, parking is part luck, part skill. We have all sorts of challenges – street widths at 18’ or 24’, parking allowed on only one side of the street, Lakeshore employees and SF commuters that like our convenient location. As we head into this holiday season, wouldn’t it be nice for our guests to park near the party?
Some suggestions to ease the parking crunch:

  1. Park in your garage or on your driveway.
  2. On the narrow streets that allow partial parking on the sidewalk, leave 2/3 of the sidewalk free for pedestrians.
  3. Leave 2’ of clearance on either side of the driveway so neighbors can more easily maneuver in/out.
  4. If your household has more than 3 cars, consider renting garage or driveway space from a neighbor.