Safer Crocker Update

The following article is submitted by Safer Crocker, a local neighborhood organization.

Dear Neighbors,

Safer Crocker is delighted to announce that through your support we will begin daily security patrols in our neighborhood beginning Monday, June 13. Our patrol officer, Reg Hawkins, is friendly and personable and has over 15 years security experience in the Bay Area. He has been introduced to our neighborhood and is looking forward to meeting everyone and becoming part of a daily routine to keep our homes and families safe. He will be wearing a uniform and will be driving a marked PPS car in our neighborhood daily; when you see him, please feel free to introduce yourself and family members.  For more information about our patrols, a bio of Officer Hawkins (with picture), please visit our website at

During patrol hours, the direct phone number to contact officer Reg is (510) 701-7746. To receive specific daily patrol hours, please join our mailing list through our website (while on the site, click on “Get Involved” to register to the mailing list).

Our goal remains to offer at least 8 hours of patrol, 7 days a week. If you are one of our neighbors who would like to contribute but have not yet done so, please visit our website to participate in this effort. While our recommended donation is a recurring $30/month, we will gladly accept any amount of donation (if all LHA members were able to contribute $10/month, we would be able to offer 16 hours of patrol a day, seven days a week).

We hope that everyone in our neighborhood will be pleased with this daily security service and that we and all our friends and families will be safer throughout Crocker Highlands.

The Safer Crocker Board of Directors: Jean-Philippe (JP) Kouakou-Zebouah, Jane Rizzo, Robyn Mohr, Dick Moore, Michael Rizzo