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You authorize Lakeshore Homes Association (LHA) to communicate with you via electronic mail (email) in lieu of receiving physical print documents delivered by the United States Postal Service or any other authorized mail delivery service from the date of this authorization form. It is understood that the responsibility of providing LHA updates to your preferred email address(es) is the sole responsibility of you, the homeowner. Additionally, you, the homeowner, maintain full responsibility for notifying any tenants (if any) of information pertinent to all residents inhabiting property within the Association.

You further understand that documents received from LHA by email may include (but not limited to):

  • Newsletter
  • Annual Dues Assessment
  • Neighborhood communications
  • Annual Disclosure

At LHA’s sole discretion, it may send any or all documents by US Postal Service and not by email.

Lakeshore Homes Association (LHA) shall not be liable for any loss that may result from misunderstandings, missed e-mails, bounced back e-mails or any failure on the part of the homeowner to notify LHA of a change in email address. In case of doubt, you may, at your discretion, refuse to accept electronic correspondence and LHA will continue to provide physical copies of all communication. You are under no obligation to execute this electronic authorization form. By law, this form and any future changes to your preferences must be submitted either 1) to the LHA office in writing at 907 Underhills Road, Oakland, CA 94610 or 2) by unsubscribing to this list electronically.

By subscribing here, you attest that you are the owner of record for property referenced below and that you consent to receive the selected communications from Lakeshore Homes Association electronically going forward.

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